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The rich history of rodeo and the sport it has evolved into, along with the even richer history of Pecos have provided the impetus for the creation of the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame by a group of dedicated individuals striving to preserve that history, with the realization that history is more than events: It’s the people.

With an emphasis on inducting those who have competed in the World’s First Rodeo, the West of the Pecos Rodeo, the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame honors those who have reached the pinnacle of their sport and served as worthy ambassadors to further the sport and sportsmanship of Rodeo. We are currently honoring 49 members and are gearing up for the 2017 Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, June 23, 2017.

The TRHoF Committee encourages you to visit the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame Museum located in the Old T&P Train Depot at 100 E Dot Stafford St.  At this time the museum exhibits are located in the front of the building with the Pecos Chamber of Commerce.  In the future, the exhibits will be moved to the “Baggage Area” of the depot.

The Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame is free to the public and open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We encourage you to visit Pecos’ Museum District that includes the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame, the West of the Pecos Museum, across the street, and the Memory Lane Car Museum, located on Oak Street, the next time you are in our area. Follow us on Facebook as we keep you posted on new inductees, induction ceremonies, museum trivia and updates on our move to the “Baggage Area”!


The Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame Committee

“Preserving West of the Pecos History by Honoring Those Who Made It”


  • President Doug Miller
  • Vice President Donald Bippes
  • Secretary/Webmaster Janey Loree Paschal
  • Treasurer Peggy Walker
  • Board Member Gail Box
  • Board Member Hugh Box
  • Board Member Lupe Davis
  • Board Member Linda Gholson
  • Board Member Brenda McKinney
  • Board Member Clay McKinney
  • Board Member Gary Oden
  • Board Member John T. Rediger