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Toots Mansfield

Rodeoing out of Big Spring, Texas, roper Toots Mansfield was the RCA’s** World Champion calf roper from 1939 to 1950. At this time, this feat was a record only to be topped 19 years later. Toots Mansfield was born May 15, 1914 in Bandera, Texas and died in 1998.

Mansfield was recognized as the “Man to Beat” whenever he competed. He was a master at handling calves on the ground and his skills led him to establish the first successful rodeo school for aspiring ropers in the 1950’s. Matched roping was one of his specialties and more spectators certainly bet on Toots than against him. Toot’s business sense and honesty enabled him to serve as president of the Rodeo Cowboys Association from 1945 until 1951. Mansfield was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of fame in 1979.

**The R.C.A., Rodeo Cowboys Association was the predecessor to the PRCA, Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association. The “RCA” was created in 1936 and evolved into the PRCA as we know it today, in 1975.

The Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and “Museum of the American Cowboy” was established in 1979.

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