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Tommy Steiner

A producer of the West of the Pecos Rodeo for many years, Tommy Steiner of Austin, Texas began his rodeo career as a 10-year old doing rope tricks off the back of a horse he had trained.

From a trick roping act, Steiner evolved into a second-generation stock contractor, one of the first PRCA stock contracting companies in central Texas Steiner rodeos were known for elaborate grand entries, fast colorful productions, beautiful parade horses and the best equipment and stock.

Tommy has received many honors, including being bestowed as a Goodwill Ambassador by Governor John Connally in 1965. He has been inducted into many Halls of Fame, including the PRCA’s in 1995.

Rodeo blood certainly runs in the family, with his son, Bobby winning the PRCA’s World Bull Riding title and Bobby’s son, Sid winning the Steer Wrestling world title
Tommy was born April 28, 1926 in Austin, Texas and passed away on September 20, 1999.