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Phil Lyne

Phil Lyne, calf roper of Cotulla, Texas was born January 18, 1947 Stories circulating around the rodeo world credit the youthful Phil Lyne with performances that would be dismissed as legendary if living witnesses did not exist by the hundreds.

The calf roper is almost entirely dependent on his horse. A well trained horse is 90 percent of the act and the champion calf roper normally has won the event months earlier in long hours of patient work with his horse.

Not so with Phil Lyne. He didn’t own a roping horse. In one year of his brief career he rode ninety-one horses in roping competition. Witnesses swear that once he dashed onto the rodeo grounds just as they announced his name. He asked a passing cowboy if he could borrow his horse, and roped his calf in a stunning 10.5 seconds, near a world record. This slow talking cowboy traveled from rodeo to rodeo in an old station wagon and two-horse trailer.

In 1969 Phil won PRCA Resistol rookie of the year, 1972 – 72 World All-Around Calf roping Championship, 1970 – 1 – 72 recipient of the Bill Linderman Award. In 1971 Phil stepped up to claim the all-around title during his good friend Larry Mahan’s absence. In 1973 Phil co-starred with Mahan in “The Great American Cowboy”, a Disney documentary featuring the rivalry of rodeo. Phil has the distinction of being the only cowboy to win the National Finals Rodeo average titles in three events: Bull Riding, Calf Roping and Steer Roping.

Phil is married to Sarah and they have two daughters, Amanda and Samantha. Phil retired at the age of 27 to spend more time with his family and operate his cattle business.