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J.W. “Bub” Evans

Born on July 3, 1929 in Val Verde County, Texas, Bub was the son of John Worth and Kathryn Espy Evans of Jeff Davis County. He attended local schools as well as military schools and finished his education at Sul Ross and New Mexico State.

Evans was an active rodeo competitor at an early age, entering the bull dogging and the rough stock events. He entered rodeos from Madison Square Garden to Cheyenne with many stops along the way, including Pecos.

Bub loved the West of the Pecos Rodeo as it was a close as he could get to his hometown. He worked all events, including the steer roping at Pecos. He even helped his brother-in-law, Tommy Steiner pick up the rough stock, too. He was a member of the Turtle Rodeo Association as well as the PRCA. Evans carried his Gold Card #131 that he was very proud of.

Billie Anne Bunton and Bub Evans were married on March 1, 1952 and then went to many rodeos together, including the Steiner XS Rodeo tour of Cuba. Of course this was before Castro took the country over. Bub recalled that the rodeo was in a round bull fighting arena and crushed oyster shells were used in lieu of dirt. This proved to be very hard on the horses. As the rodeo troupe was flying back to Florida, the cowboys looked out the windows and saw the ship that was carrying Castro to Cuba. All were glad to be gone from there!

Bub passed away on December 1, 1992 after a long battle with cancer. He left a grand legacy to his two children, Jean Anne Fort and Curtis Edward Evans, and to his five grandchildren, Drew, Holly Anne and Mimi Fort and Curtis and Agee Evans.